Frequently Asked Questions
about the Friends of the Wellington Public Library

 What are the benefits of membership?  Why should I join?

We believe in promoting reading and literacy at an early age, because once children are readers, they become life long learners. Children with literacy skills go on to graduate high school, ready for college and/or a career. With programs funded by the Friends, children can attend wholesome, informational programs and activities at the Library during the summer and throughout the year. Friends also have obtained books and audiobooks for the nursing homes, the flag pole and book drop outside the Library, and in the past, we have also provided GED books for the jail program. We will continue to provide funding for special programs at the Library and in the community to enhance educational services and programs for all ages. But we can only do it with the support and help of our members and volunteers.

How are the Friends of the Library different from the Library Board?

The Library Board is a committee, appointed by the city, that oversees the rules and regulations for the administration of the library. The Friends is strictly volunteer based and raises funds for the special programs and collections for the library.

How much are membership dues?

Annual membership dues are $2.00 for an individual or $5.00 for a family. They follow the calendar year. Dues are collected each April, to coincide with the book sale.

How often do the Friends meet?

Friends meetings are quarterly in the Library meeting room. They are announced on the Friends’ Facebook page and on the Library website.

Do you know of any other Library book sales in the area?

We recommend that you use the Book Sale Finder website, which finds nearby book sales (garage, library, etc) based on your geographical location. They are free to use and very helpful! We are listed on there as well!

I need to do community service (for whatever reason). Can I volunteer with the Friends of the Wellington Public Library?

Yes! You absolutely can! Please contact Theresa Snider at (620) 326-7804 or by email to inquire about volunteer opportunities. We can always use volunteers for picking up, sorting, and cleaning books, helping at the book sale, doing outdoor Library yard maintenance, and all kinds of other exciting tasks!

Are you taking donations for the book sale?

Donations are accepted throughout the year. If you have 6 boxes or less of donations, please bring them in to the library.  If you have more than 7 boxes, please call Theresa Snider at (620) 326-7804 or Mike Langhrey at (620) 892-5500 to arrange pickup. Or you can make arrangements via email!  Please read what items we accept below.

What items do you accept?

We will gladly accept:

  • Audio books on CD
  • Movies on Bluray, DVD, or VHS
  • Paperback and Hardback books

We can not accept:

  • Encyclopedias unless they are less than 6 years old
  • Magazines
  • Books on Cassette
  • Readers Digest Condensed
  • Chilton repair manuals
  • National Geographics
  • Anything that shows signs of water damage, mildew, or critter activity

Do you have to be a member of Friends to help out at the sale?

We never turn away help! But we would encourage you to join the Friends. Annual dues are minimal, and you get the satisfaction of helping the community with services and benefits for everyone to enjoy!

Do you ever have first editions or author signed books available at the sale?

Yes! Our sale items are based on what is donated, and sometimes we get a very generous donation. These items are usually included in our silent auction. This year, these special items will be showcased in the Library display case on the second floor. Bids can be made at the sale.

Do you only have one sale a year?

Usually we have a mini-book sale in the Fall. It’s a much smaller scale, with a smaller selection, and it’s usually scheduled to coincide with Fall Fest weekend.